What can Bed Bug Fix® do for my family?

Takes care of bed bugs instantly and protects your home from future infestations

Bed Bug Fix® stops bed bugs on contact without expensive or toxic chemicals. Within 5 minutes, bed bugs are done for.

In treated areas, Bed Bug Fix® provides ongoing protection against a re-infestation. This is only possible due to its unique, non-toxic formula.

Non-Toxic, Family-Friendly, and FDA "Generally Recognized as Safe"

Bed Bug Fix® is non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, and made with all-natural ingredients. This means spraying it is safe for your family and pets. You don't have to evacuate your home while treating it or hire an expensive exterminator.

Additional Benefits of Bed Bug Fix®:

Made with Food-Grade Ingredients

Using all-natural, non-toxic, and high-quality ingredients means Bed Bug Fix® is perfectly safe for your pets and family. Sprayed surfaces, once vacuumed, are immediately usable again.

Odorless, colorless and undetectable

The only way anyone could tell you've applied Bed Bug Fix® is that there are no bed bugs. No need to compromise between a clean home and a clean-smelling one.

Independently verified to work

Bed Bug Fix® was independently verified to start working instantly and continue providing protection for up to 30 days.