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“Until June of 2016, we struggled to find a good bed bug product that was non toxic that really works. 500 bottles later, I believe we hit paydirt!! No complaints and lots of reorders! I’m on schedule to sell 1000 bottles this year! Thank you Bed Bug Fix!!”
— Richard F., Do It Yourself Pest Control, St. Petersburg FL
“Your product, ‘Bed Bug Fix’ is great! I can’t thank all of you enough for the time and effort you put into the development of this product. A couple of my tough accounts used it once and no more bugs!!”
— David A., A & M Pest Control, Pueblo CO
One of my best customers began using Bed Bug Fix over a year ago on several very large apartment building in the Metro Detroit area. Bed Bug infestation had become an issue for them and they had tried over 30 products that claimed to remove bed bugs with NO success. After an initial 2 months of testing on a group of rooms, they were amazed that Bed Bug Fix was so effective and placed their first large order. The customer was so happy he said, “I literally have an entire closet full of Bed Bug products and all I ever needed was Bed Bug Fix!”
— - John H., Orlando, FL

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